Indie / Micro-ISV Friendly Pricing

RAMPART is created by indies for indies.
No matter what stage of building your business you are in, RAMPART is priced to be extremely affordable.
We're a small business, too. We know how it is.

Payment Gateway Integration

RAMPART comes with a PHP license generation script and examples of how to securely integrate automatic license fulfillment with popular payment processors and gateways such as PayPal, FastSpring, Plimus, and more.

Create Secure Trial Versions with a Single Build

Create automatic, hassle-free trial licenses on your terms. Perfect for Java downloadable game developers or Micro-ISVs who sell a Java application.
Want to implement a 30-day trial? RAMPART can do it. Do you need a 1-hour trial, as required by many casual game portals? RAMPART can do that, too.

Secure your app in 5 minutes or less!

RAMPART can be integrated with your app in under 5 minutes. Don't believe us? Watch the video demo to see RAMPART in action.

Turn your demo into an active sales agent

A theme-able window allows users to easily install their license file, or sends them directly to your purchase page with a single click.


RAMPART is 100% pure Java and is cross-plaform.
Your software will be protected on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and any platform with a compatible Java Virtual Machine, all with one single build.